Who we are

PDR Management is a proud Canadian company that provides a unique and proactive service which benefits professional high end businesses. We offer services in all provinces and territories across Canada. If you are a business owner who strives to provide your customers with quality products and exceptional customer service, then you need to align yourself with PDR Management. Our job is to help show your potential clients that your company holds itself to a higher standard than your competition. This does not mean that you need to be a large business in order to become a member with us. The size of a business is not an automatic indicator of its level of professionalism. PDR Management works with small, medium and large businesses who understand that customer satisfaction is the only way to improve sales, profits and longevity.


I would personally like to thank you for visiting the PDR website!  My hope is that it is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between my business and yours. 

I started PDR Management after spending many years working directly with hundreds of business owners.  I have spent time sitting beside exceptional business owners as well as those who took advantage of their clients.  My business idea formed over time as I compared good businesses with poor ones.  It became obvious that customer service was the key to building a proper business.  The end result of every product or service should be to satisfy the need of a customer.  There were a select few who would take customer service one step further.  They did not mind spending extra money to make their customers happy and they obsessed over customer satisfaction.  They made their clients love them.  

The amazing businesses I came across needed to be celebrated.  PDR Management was created to do just that.  We find the businesses that deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.  We help them continue to improve and to show their potential customers that what they offer is trustworthy and rare.  

All professional business owners are overflowing with pride.  They took a risk to become business owners and my goal is to help them make it into something amazing.  I am determined to provide a service that business owners love to use.  I want them to feel important and not like a number.  Their problems are my problems.  I oversee everything that goes on in all of my offices and I am always making sure that my staff is not only well trained,  but also have the natural ability to provide clients with kindness and respect.  If you become a member with PDR Management, I intend to make sure that you stay one until you retire.

I look forward to working with you!

Founder Martin C.J.Pelletier