Features of Credibility Program

  Monitored and controlled third party results

  • Level system

  • Approval Rating

  • Proactive services

  • Ongoing Reference Checks

  • PDRreviews.ca

  • Confidential database

  • Unlimited Consultation

  • Endorse businesses who excel in customer service






How Program Benefits You

We will help you find and keep clients


  • Access to approved businesses for your business/personal needs

  • Priceless client feedback, testimonials and referrals

  • Show off your superior service or product

  • PDR Management finds your raving fans

  • Improved online identity

  • Confidentiality

  • Justify higher prices

  • Impress Potential Investors





How Program Benefits Consumers

Educated and confident consumers will do business with you


  • Proof that your company holds itself to a higher standard than the average company

  • Increased confidence in your quality

  • Clients will feel that their opinion matters

  • Access to a site that guarantees accurate comments about your company

  • Builds trust

  • Peace of mind