Proof that your company holds itself to a higher standard than the average company

Consumers have numerous options when choosing a company to do business with.  Our system educates the consumer with accurate and realistic results.  These results help demonstrate that you truly care about providing the public with high quality products and services.  It proves that as a business owner, you do not shy away from customer feedback. Through our studies we have found that the average company does not do an effective job at following up with their clients.  We assist you in that process, by generating non biased, effective results.

Increased confidence in your quality

Quality! Quality! Quality! This is one of the biggest concerns for consumers. Our client's approval rating includes the scored opinions of the references that PDR Management has spoken to. Businesses with consistently low quality will not survive our testing process. Our Credibility Program not only assists in increased confidence in your product, it can also help restore confidence if your reputation has been tarnished.  Perhaps you have received a fake or unfair review online.  By completing ongoing reference checks we can show the public the truth about what your clients think with regards to your customer service, quality and pricing.  This can help repair unfair remarks. 

Clients will feel that their opinion matters

The majority of the references we speak with thank us for asking their opinion.  They feel respected and cared for.  It increases faith in your customer service and proves hat you are not afraid to ask someone their opinion about the services and products that you offer.  We can promote that confidence to the general public which helps in generating new customers. 555

Builds trust

Consumers need to trust in your products and service before they will buy from you. They will speak with you or your employees, check your website, read reviews, talk to references etc. The problem is that consumers are beginning to loose faith in these methods. A perfect example is online reviews. From our studies we are finding that the number of people who trust online reviews are beginning to decrease. Many reviews are often biased due to the use of family and friends.  Numerous companies even offer freebies in exchange for positive reviews. Some businesses go as far as hiring marketing companies to create positive reviews for their own social media or post negative comments on the social media of their competition.  This is obviously harmful and misleading.  PDR Management does not believe in tricking consumers into doing business with someone.  We want to help you build trusting, long term relationships with new clients.  Showing you are more trustworthy than your competition is extremely important and will lead to increased sales.

Peace of mind

Everything mentioned above helps build peace of mind for consumers.  It helps to show that you are high end, trustworthy and stand behind your products and services.  We are not saying anyone is perfect, but showing that you actually care about continual improvement is amazing and in our opinion, something that the average company lacks.