Features of Credibility Program

Monitored and controlled third party results

Level System

Our level system has two main purposes. The first is to create goals and achievements for business owners to work towards.  The credibility program often becomes a huge source of pride for our members. Currently there are 6 different levels to work towards. Each level becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve, but feel great when you hit each one. It also creates competition between our members, which is very healthy. Competition can be fun, especially when it helps our members increase their sales and profits.
The second purpose of the level system is to help separate our members from the average company. The greatest thing about it is that your clients will see your achievements. This will encourage them to do business with you again. Your future clients will learn of your high approval rating and how many of your clients we have spoken to.  Being able to tell someone that we have spoken to over 100 of your happy customers is truly powerful. It will help your company grow!

Below is a list of the 6 levels you can work towards as a member of PDR Management.

 FLOWBY3Approval Rating

The PDR Management approval rating is a score generated from a survey that we complete during our reference checks. You must maintain a 90% approval rating in order to move from level to level. This is a strict process that filters out great businesses from average ones. 60% of the companies we test do not maintain a score of 90% over the long term. This can be used as a powerful promotional tool for those who are successful in the program. Consumers will know of your score and this will encourage them to do business with you.

Proactive Services

PDR Management creates and controls results by causing something to happen rather than waiting for something to fall into our laps.   We are in regular communication with our clients, and we immediately take action once each client gets us the information we need to move forward with our work. Our results provide business owners with information that helps improve every aspect of their company. 

Ongoing Reference Checks

Your potential clients will love this part the most! We speak to as many of your clients as possible and get feedback from them on how they felt about doing business you. We also create an approval rating from the results of the reference checks and use all the information to help you build trust with your potential clients. This process will continue throughout our business relationship. It is beneficial for your potential clients to have access to the results. They can rest assured that the results are honest and accurate, because the testing was completed by a third party. The information they receive will be unbiased and extremely detailed. It is amazing how well this process works.

Confidential Database

Over time we develop a detailed database using information generated from the ongoing reference checks that we've completed. We keep all lists and information so you don't have to.  Testing results, comments and testimonials are never lost or forgotten.  We also keep track of all the people willing to be ongoing references for your company.  If a potential client is looking for a reference of a certain type, we can use our database to assist you in finding the right fit.

Unlimited Consultation

As a member of PDR Management you have the freedom to contact us as often as you wish. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to email or call us.  We also discuss the results of our reference checks with you, which includes our opinions on how to best utilize those results. If we notice there are areas in which you need improvement, we will brainstorm ideas with you to help get possible changes implemented. We believe in providing you with great customer service. If you need our help, we will be ready and waiting.

Endorse businesses who excel in customer service

The PDR Management Credibility Program can set you apart from the average company. We have the ability to show your potential customers what differentiates you from your competition.  We will provide you with PDR crests that you can use on your website or other social media which show off your achievements.  You will be provided with documents that can be attached to your paperwork or displayed in your office or store.  These documents explain that you passed the testing process and that you stand above your competition.  We will give you free advertising time on our website and network you to those looking for approved members in your target area and industry. There are also addition benefits to members who achieve higher levels.

Tanya and Ricks DanceCurrent Score  100%
Last Updated: Jan.4/2016



Current Score: 93%
Last Updated: Apr.12/2016
 Bath, Ontario
K4911.0 Current Score: 90%
Last Updated: Oct.05/2016


Current Score: 100%
Last Updated: Mar.25/2016
Kingston, Ontario

kingston martial arts

Current Score 97%

Last Updated: Jul.4/2016



Current Score 96%

Last Updated: Jan.4/2016